It’s been 2 weeks

The first week was rough.  The program is strict and I didn’t like the shakes at first.  I’m use to eating whatever I want really and I sit at a desk all day.  I almost feel like I’ve taken advantage of the fact that Mark loves me no matter what size I am.  I actually apologized to him yesterday which made me cry.  He always stays in such good shape and I’ve done him a dis service by being his “fat” wife.  Then he held me while I cried and said it wasn’t a big deal which of course made me cry even more.

This second week has been better.  Mark does all the shopping and he is a great cook.  I asked him to start making dinners as healthy as possible and he’s even packing me snacks for work.  I actually look forward to my shakes now.  I am adding blueberries to the morning shake and having a chocolate Isadelight in the afternoon.  I’m down 4 lbs!

I also can’t believe how much Isagenix costs!?.  We aren’t really that tight on money but that doesn’t mean I am not a thrifty gal.  We save money every month and are on track for an early retirment (yea!).  If this stuff keeps working like it is (btw, I love the taste) I have a few girlfriends who could lose some weight as well.

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The biggest mountain I’m tackling

I’m super successful at a lot of things in my life.  I’m a great mother and wife.  I have a fantastic job that I’m very good at as well.  I have a wonderful circle of friends and I contribute as much as I can to our community.  The one thing I struggle constantly with is my weight.

I’m 40 years old and last year decided I want to get involved with body building.  I know this sounds ridiculous because I’m 50 lbs overweight but ever since I was little I’ve always looked at the girls in the magazines and wished I could look like that.  This is a really big step for me – but I decided I better go big or go home.  My whole life I’ve been overweight.   I don’t mean “a little chubby” – I mean straight up fat.  (My husband asked me if I was going to post a picture of our family…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)  He always tells me I’m beautiful but let’s be honest – I’m still fat.

Mark is a gem and able to see through anybody’s physical appearance.  Obviously- he married me.  But he had a good friend in highschool, Ryan who was really overweight.  Mark connected with him last year on fb and didn’t hardly recognize him because Ryan had lost over 100 lbs.  When I saw Ryan’s picture I messaged him right away and asked him how he did it.  He put me in contact with his buddy Todd ( who got me hooked up with Isagenix.  Let the mountain be moved!

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